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Execration/Reptilian/Decrepit /Seprevation at The Black Heart... - live review

The Gospel - live

Crowd shot

SEPREVATION [7] kick tonight off with a blast of fire and fury. They perform better with a fully warmed-up crowd, but their speedy old-school thrash/death raises the spirits of the early arrivees. DECREPIT [6] deliver expertly executed, no-nonsense death metal. Though a few loyal fans go wild, their performance becomes rather monotonous due to songs clearly in thrall to the likes of Decide and Vital Remains. Norwegians REPTILIAN [7] start off slow, dark and heavy, with a style of dissonant, nightmarish but a doomy death metal. Their set gets faster towards the end without losing its griminess, bordering on the atmosphere of compatriots Obliteration. Fellow Norwegians EXECRATION [8] are known for their unique approach. They manage to combine a multitude of influences – mostly of primitive death metal with progressive elements – into a massively engaging live show. It’s a thrilling performance, and offers proof that Norwegian extreme metal is evolving while still channelling its original potency.