Entrails - World Inferno album review

Scandic DM institution sticks to the sript

Cover art for Entrails - World Inferno album

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If you know your Swedeath history, you then know that album number five is the ‘WTF?’ stage for most bands, from Entombed’s alt-rock love letter Same Difference to Tiamat’s trip hop affair, A Deeper Kind Of Slumber. But not Entrails. After all, it took founding member Jimmy Lundqvist two decades to finally release the band’s first album, so why steer the ship into the danger zone now? The recent departure of half of the band’s lineup – including drummer Adde Mitroulis, who wanted to focus on General Surgery – hasn’t altered their trajectory by a single degree either. Entrails still have awful taste as far cover artwork goes, the HM-2 pedal is still omnipresent, to the point where, during certain breaks, you’d swear you were listening to Clandestine, and there’s still no smart-ass poetry to be found in these 10 new tracks full of serial killers, murders and all-round bloodshed. For some, World Inferno will be conservative to the point of being stuck in a rut, others will celebrate Entrails’ enduring loyalty to their roots, where even Grave almost sound subtle in comparison, especially since this may actually be their roughest recording to date. In short, Entrails are death metal to the bone and don’t even need an excuse.