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Electric Boys: Starflight United

The funk-o-metal carpet ride continues!

Two albums into a reunion that began half a decade ago, the Electric Boys strut back into view with a fifth studio collection of songs that reheat their original menu of granite-hard riffs, funky rhythms and Velcro hooks, served with a side order of tie-dyed psychedelic influences.

A former member of Hanoi Rocks’ second incarnation, and once a harp-playing star of TV’s Jameson whiskey adverts, guitarist, singer and songwriter Conny Bloom remains the show’s star – he’s cool and he knows it.

At the recent Steelhouse Festival in Wales, the likes of Spaced Out and Desire achieved what only the event’s Sunday night headliners Europe could replicate; inspiring gyration from the rows of female backsides. If it’s not a Swedish thing then it’s most definitely a rhythm thing.

Back in 2011 Classic Rock considered the band’s reunion album And Them Boys Done Swang “obscenely good”. This isn’t too far behind either.