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Earth Caller - Crystal Death album review

Melbourne’s deathcore desperados stay on the positive

This Aussie band turned heads early on in their career with Degenerate, a promising debut album featuring guest appearances from Dre Faivre from Hellions and Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld. Their sophomore release merges positive, political, punk-infused deathcore with anthemic hardcore and the result is modern, metallic, uplifting, and fiercely aggressive. Overall a touch faster and more melodic than before, first single Fall, featuring Sophie Jest, showcases a more personal side to the band’s lyrics. Accompanied by occasional gang choruses, frontman Josh Collard still leads the charge with raw, vicious barks and a sense of palpable urgency while Justin Murphy’s impressively varied, occasionally poignant fretwork injects the heaviness with hope. The production does them justice and the sticky, standout tracks No Forgiveness and Exposed show that Earth Caller continue to elevate their songwriting skills.