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Dragonforce: In The Line Of Fire DVD

Power metal speed merchants go big in Japan

It feels like Dragonforce have been going for donkeys’ years, but you only had to witness their incendiary performance at Download to realise that they’re still going from strength to strength.

Watching Dragonforce live is a bit like partying in a wind tunnel with your mates, so it’s with a smattering of surprise you realise that this is their first DVD.

Filmed at Japan’s Loud Park festival, In The Line Of Fire captures their unerring zeal as a live band with behind-the-scenes clips and personal insights.

By splicing their high-voltage set in the mega-arena with stories told by each of the members, the film – painstakingly edited by Herman Li – never loses its edge. Whether filming Herman tinkering with his Porsche in Cali or Sam Totman giving us a tour of his pinball machines, there’s a sense that the band want to give us something special. The live show is just the icing on the cake, even down to Marc’s impressive stab at Japanese and the best shredding this side of Tokyo.