Doris Brendel & Lee Dunham - Eclectica album review

The title says it all… delightfully eclectic

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Jazz to folk. Rock to funk – plus hints of classical. Yes, it’s all here on an impressively sweeping album. Doris Brendel has always refused to stand still and get pigeonholed.

Now she and longtime musical partner Lee Dunham have come up with an album where every track is different, but the overall impact is focused and charismatic. From the opening folk-tinged shards of The One, through the haunting Losing It and into the funk psychedelia of Animal, this is a well-constructed, thoughtfully evocative musical expanse. Laced with humour and vulnerability, it invites you in but also keeps you at a safe distance. Musicianship commands throughout, but it’s never allowed to overshadow the commitment to creating an artistry that’s tuneful and accessible. There are quirky moments, such as the quasi-reggae One World, however this adds to the individuality the pair always propagate so confidently. This album appeals to all who love intelligent, emotional music that also does the unexpected. Dunham’s production approach is enlightened and dynamic, allowing Brendel’s passionate vocal style to come to fruition. The songs are beautifully written with a balanced style, while the performances are inspired.