Dizrhythmia - Too album review

Long overdue second LP from Jakszyk, Harrison, Thompson, Dinesh supergroup Dizrhythmia

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Marillion might have taken some four years to release their latest album, but that pales in comparison with the startling fact that it’s been 28 long years between albums number one and two for Dizrhythmia. For context’s sake, that’s seven Olympics ago. When album number one came out, South Korea hosted the Games and the Russians were cleaning up in the gymnastics. Time, however, has been kind to Dizrhythmia’s music, and given the pedigree of the band, that’s hardly a surprise.

Jakko Jakszyk, Gavin Harrison (both currently throwing shapes in King Crimson), Danny Thompson and Pandit Dinesh make an extraordinary noise, though one that’s almost always couched in recognisable form. A case in point is lead track Chinese Doll, co-written with Squeeze’s Chris Difford. It’s both cleverly expressive and utterly sublime. They pop, they funk – little wonder, Jakko played in Level 42 for a while – and they ooze soul. Especially good is the understated Lament For Bobby and the easy groove of Secrets And Lies. Let’s hope it’s not another three decades before we get to hear album number three.