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Deville: Make It Belong To Us

Sweden’s stoner rockers take on a desert sheen

Sitting comfortably between Queens Of The Stone Age and Foo Fighters, and bolstered by some requisite Swedish fuzz, Deville have continued to tread the path of stoner rock for their fourth album.

Make It Belong To Us is halfway decent with solid, smoking riffs and, unlike previous long-player Hydra, the focus is very much on keeping it tight and hooky but at the expense of some of that groove and attitude that lent Hydra more of a sucker-punch. Nonetheless, there are some ear-pricking morsels here.

Life In Decay fires off with a propulsive rhythm and ends climactically with a rousing group-sung refrain, while Mind On Hold tumbles and Drive drools with doomy persuasions.

It’s a shame that there aren’t more or stronger progressive touches as the band are obviously capable of heading off the beaten track, but the finest thing about this is its sharp balance of beat-up stoner hedonism and a shiny overcoat of vocal melody, which gives it a modern-day feel without losing that sense of nostalgic rebellion.