Deströyer 666 - Call Of The Wild album review

Black-thrash barbarians cough up a bare-knuckled stopgap

Cover art for Deströyer 666 - Call Of The Wild album

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Deströyer 666 have regularly utilised the EP format as a means to transition between full-lengths. Their latest EP follows the anthemic and mighty Wildfire – an album that felt like being kicked in the head by one of Satan’s gilded hooves. It’s comprised of three new songs and a rekindled version of the slowburning epic, Trialed By Fire, previously released on 2003 EP Terror Abraxas. The spirited new songs see the black-thrash heathens indulge in proto-BM and NWOBHM thuggery. The raw production is a far cry from Wildfire’s bombast, suiting the Venom-ous Violence Is Golden, the galloping and hook-laden Stone By Stone, and the thrashing tempos of the fist-pumping title track. KK Warslut and company may be outspoken and deemed controversial by some, but, like all of the best metal bands, there’s no doubting their mastery of the riff and hook.