Deathrite: Revelation Of Chaos

German death metal crew go in search of some Sunlight

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As if to belie the good name of Sweden’s most important export, a longtime and active member of the proud tradition of yellow-and-blue flag-waving death metal recently quipped that there’s more quality Swedish-styled material coming out of Germany these days than The Motherland.

We don’t know if said individual was joking, but when you throw a rager like Revelation Of Chaos on, it comes across as serious as a heart attack.

With roots of their Dresden hometown showing as much as Sunlight Studios circa 1991 and Europe’s puke-soaked squat circuit, Deathrite may have no clue what the word ‘original’ means, but exist like the 3D printer output of Nicke Andersson’s best/worst nightmares. The power of the HM-2 pedal, songwriting prowess and uppity punk rock quality more than makes up for the familiarity. Seriously, with titles like Determinate To Rot and Salute To Death being propped up by filthy grooves and gristly guitars, Deathrite want you to know they know their history and that history repeating itself isn’t a bad thing.