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The Pretty Reckless: Going To Hell

Taylor Momsen offers the ladies guide to Hades

Never backward in coming forward, former child star and teen pin-up, Taylor Momsen and her band (if you can name one of them without using Google then you're in a minority of one) have returned with a second album that pretty much sets out to ape the moderate success of their first.

Angst-ridden, occasionally forlorn, sometimes punchy and aloof, you can almost see Taylor’s mascara tears running down her perfect cheek as she gives the finger to former lovers/the man/the ladder in her stockings.

Teenage boys aside, it’s hard to see who Taylor’s targeting as her audience. The album starts with the sound of sex in a car and ends with the brittle, acoustic ballad, _Waiting For A Friend. It’s hardly the empowering call to arms one might have liked to imagine. She gives good ire though, brash and determined in the taut title track and the faintly ridiculous Why’d You Bring a Shotgun to the Party, and she can sound suitably abashed in a song like House on the Hill_, but, collectively, it’s unremarkable and never over soon enough.