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Dave Brock: Brockworld

Hawkwind svengali boldly goes... again.

The follow-up to Dave Brock’s 2012 album Looking For Love In The Lost Land Of Dreams finds Isleworth’s foremost interstellar enthusiast still searching, his hands at the wheel of a craft that continues to throb, pulsate and wobble its way through various musical superclusters.

The songs are driven along at meteoric speed, spiralling ever upwards in frenzies of churning riffs and shimmering synths. The true highlights come when things shift away from the default Hawkwind template towards the end of the album.

Falling Out Of Love is absolutely delightful, and sounds like the kind of thing Wilco might come up with if somebody gave Jeff Tweedy a space-rock homework assignment.

Meanwhile, The Patient is located somewhere in the middle of Mo’Wax and Hawaii, where flickering jazz rhythms and sun-kissed, swooping guitars are accompanied by the rather startling, slightly sinister sounds of a medical ventilator.