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Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult: Necrovision

German black metal outfit dig deep into the arcane

Without any real sense of hype, these Germans have been plugging away since the late 90s, gaining high regard from those in the know. DNS don’t sound all that Teutonic – rather, they follow the narrow left-hand path of traditional black metal forged by Mayhem and Enthroned.

They’re fronted by one Onielar, who is one of a growing body of women in extreme metal who choose not to make a big deal of their gender and instead prefer to let the sheer power of their vocals do the talking. She’s no slouch on guitar either.

Lyrically, it’s much as you’d expect: plenty of ancient ones, rituals, chalices and occult vibes. They are clearly of the view that BM is most certainly about Satanism, and a full-on assault on the senses. Necrovision is a fine collection of devilish metal, and in the likes of Omnis Immundus Spiritus, fans of classic Norwegian-styled aggression will find much to throw their horns at.