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Cult Leader: A Patient Man album review

Salt Lake City chaosmongers Cult Leader take a twin-track route to devastation with A Patient Man

Cult Leader A Patient Man artwork

A Patient Man is a record of two emotions: aggression and sadness. 

Opening on the hellacious I Am Healed, this is uncontrollable, grinding crust that’s constantly on the attack, given a terrifying edge by Anthony Lucero’s acidic roars, like a caged animal looking for a weak spot to break free and seek revenge. 

But there is vulnerability. 

Amid the chaos sit dark brooding tales in the vein of Nick Cave. To Achlys shows a warmer side in search of rejuvenation: a cry for help instead of violence. 

Surrounded by further blasts of intensity with lyrics written in piss and vinegar, Cult Leader tackle religion, death, pain and survival, delivered in a voice that darts from Beelzebub to Gabriel. 

Closer The Broken Right Hand Of God is devastating, as draining as it is fulfilling. You’ll need some quiet time after this.

For Fans Of: All Pigs Must Die, Trap Them, Gaza