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Crobot: Something Supernatural

Rock’n’roll as it’s meant to be.

There’s no mucking about with Pennsylvania’s Crobot. On this second album they swagger and snarl their way in on a wave of blues, grooves and monolithic riffs. No time for beating around the bush, no time for subtlety, just time to blow the roof off.

The result is quite brilliant, like Clutch, Soundgarden, AC/DC and Slash meeting up in a comic book store to nerd out about wizards and chupacabras, the devil and a ‘spaceborne killer’ – as the title suggests, the lyrics are unashamedly preoccupied with myth and legend.

The pace is relentless and the tone unremittingly heavy, while frontman Brandon Yeagley’s voice rivals Chris Cornell in its animalistic howl. As classic as they come, ballsy beyond belief and a thrill to lose yourself in, Something Supernatural casts its spell quite beautifully.