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Cradle Of Filth: Darkly, Darkly Venus Aversa

Carry On black metal troupe return with concept album.

The Spinal Tap of Death Metal, Cradle Of Filth sway dangerously on the edge of parody – witness, for example, the name of their label, Abracadaver, or indeed the title of this, their ninth studio album.

Now advancing in years, even Dani Filth can’t take himself entirely seriously any more, and their ferocious swirl of sound is now accompanied by a hokey ‘concept’ that encompasses Lilith [‘Adam’s first wife’] medieval nuns, Knights Templar and Greek mythology, an unlikely brew that even Dan Brown would reject as implausible.

It’s fun, though, in an odd kind of way. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh along with Harlot On A Pedestal, and the opening effort, The Cult Of Venus Aversa, is gloriously tongue in cheek.

“It’s a gothic horror themed slay-ride of fervour and perversion,” says Dani. Of course it is, dear. Released at Halloween, panto season would have been more appropriate.