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Corrosion Of Conformity, Live in Bristol

Southern legends make a triumphant return

This is Corrosion Of Conformity’s first tour with illustrious album Deliverance’s original lineup for 14 years and you would never know the band had been apart.

Singer Pepper Keenan is back on form after focusing all his energy on Down and, soaking up COC’s hardcore punk roots, the grit-encrusted Bierkeller is a fitting space for the band’s raw, Southern rock charm that has been copied but never equalled.

HANG THE BASTARD [7] undoubtedly take their cue from the headliners and their short but sweet set stirs up the crowd impressively. Bristol’s best toilet venue throws CORROSION OF CONFORMITY’s [9] loyal followers shoulder to shoulder, screaming along to every song. Pepper may be a rock star now but he is aware of his roots and the dedicated devotees he owes it to as he thanks the audience for their staunch support.

Hopping seamlessly from track to track, album to album, their sound so distinctive, it’s hard to believe some tracks are decades apart. 1994’s seminal Clean My Wounds marks the finale of a phenomenal performance, reuniting a band that birthed a fertile strand of shaggy Southern stoner/sludge and dragging an ecstatic crowd right back to its glorious ground zero./o:p