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Corpsing’s Civilisation Under Nefarious Tyrants: UKDM ragers go for the jugular

Corpsing’s new album Civilisation Under Nefarious Tyrants prove UK death metal is alive and seething

(Image: © Corpsing)

With a title that tells you everything you need to know about where they stand, Corpsing are going straight for every available jugular on their third album. Unsung heroes of the UKDM underground, the Londoners have always had a satisfyingly skewed and snotty edge to their sound, and Civilisation Under Nefarious Tyrants hammers that point home. Rooted in old-school death metal but as wilful and wayward as it gets within such arcane confines, songs like Heart Of Darkness and the self-explanatory Brexshit deliver plenty of heads-down riffing and spine-wrenching blasts, but Corpsing are definitely not well men; from jagged shards of Voivod-ian discord and ghoulish, post- punk dirges to excoriating barrages of blackened noise, an irresistible edge of volatile, twitchy-eyed malevolence prevails. Closing track To Thine Own Self is so full of gnarly riffs and mad ideas, it’s disturbing. Which, presumably, was the idea.

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