Code: Auger Nox

Progressive, meanderings from blackened British voyagers

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Formed over a decade ago, ’s primary point of interest back in the day was the fact that they contained both British and Norwegian members, the band boasting within their ranks Kvohst and Viper of Dødheimsgard (and in the former’s case Hexvessel), the legendary Eric Lancelot of Ulver and busy Brit Andrew ‘Aort’ McIvor, who has played in too many bands to mention here.

Aort remains, but most of the old faces are gone and these days, with a debut outing from excellent new vocalist Wacian, they are now an all-UK affair. Musically on the other hand, things are rather more familiar – not that code are rehashing their previous efforts or anything like that, but it’s probably fair to say that the band are no longer quite as avant-garde as they once were – or perhaps more accurately, progressive black metal in this form has become far more established over the last 10 years.

Arcturus are still a point of comparison, though the songs are perhaps less eccentric and somewhat dryer and have a lot more depressive rock overtones present, not to mention a big dash of doom. Above average, but not quite as exciting as we might have hoped.