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Buckcherry: Fuck EP

Californians’ punky, potty-mouthed mini-concept album.

While most rock artists routinely pepper their inter-song audience addresses with F-words as if legally obliged, it’s surprising no one has attempted to pull the trick that Josh Todd’s Anaheim sleaze-rockers have with this six-song mini-album, and use it as a theme.

Despite being a shameless publicity stunt, the resulting tunes are mostly pretty f***ing good. Their rewiring of Icona Pop’s I Love It as So Fuck It is an easy win, but Somebody Fucked With Me channels spiky, staccato rage against various machines and pairs it with a winning chorus.

Motherfucker is a gut-stab of high-octane pop metal, and the hardcore assault of Fist Fuck has a no-holds-barred charm of its own. Their parents might not be so proud of them after this, but you’ll probably appreciate it.