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Brian Setzer: Rockabilly Riot! All Original

Put your Cat clothes on!

Billed as the Stray Cats legend’s first straight-ahead rockabilly record in 10 years, Setzer’s new platter boasts a brace of raucous quiff-stiffeners, including first single Let’s Shake, the Mystery Train-fuelled Calamity Jane and the hilarious Cock-A-Doodle-Don’t.

Not to mention Nothing Is A Sure Thing, a brilliant gene-splice of Please Don’t Touch and Cross Of Love from the Cats’ underappreciated 1992 masterpiece Choo Choo Hot Fish. It’s not all breakneck speed, three chords and the truth though. I Should’a Had A V-8 echoes Johnny Horton’s Battle Of New Orleans while Blue Lights, Big City introduces some sweet Don Gibson/Marty Robbins country to the record.

And The Girl With The Blues In Her Eyes, with its achingly beautiful Beatles-esque middle-eight, is hands-down one of the best things Setzer has ever written and performed. This Stray Cat’s strut continues.