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Billy Talent sail uncharted waters on Crisis Of Faith

Crisis Of Faith finds Canadian veterans Billy Talent supplying diversely energetic release

Billy Talent: Crisis Of Faith cover art
(Image: © Spinefarm)

Billy Talent's Crisis Of Faith dives headfirst into uncharted waters with prog-stained two-parter Forgiveness I + II, with lead guitarist and Juno-nominated producer Ian D’Sa’s nimble guitar licks weaving masterfully through Ben Kowalewicz’s soaring vibrato. It's a recurring theme, especially on Reckless Paradise and the uplifting belter I Beg To Differ (This Will Get Better), which tackles the perpetual anxiety of the pandemic.

The sprawling melodicism, rhythmic shifts and frenetic energy of Reactor ensure it's an instant addition to the band's catalogue of classics, and the anarchic Judged is packed with thrashy punk percussion.

Kowalewicz’s oration on the similarly punky Hanging Out With All The Wrong People adds a Broadway-esque dynamism, while stand-out single End Of Me is brimming with chemistry from alt-rock behemoth Rivers Cuomo. The track’s pastiche of twangy Blue Album-era riffs and kitschy Weezer choruses showcase all that was good about yesteryear. 

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