Beyond Creation: Earthbound Evolution

Tech-death metallers still growing their wings

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Last year’s European reissue of these Quebec newcomers’ debut was a mixed bag; if The Aura was indeed a solid piece of brutal death metal with a predominant techy edge, it lacked the overall ‘progginess’ required to truly shine.

Right off the bat, besides its dense sci-fi lyrical content, Beyond Creation’s follow-up corrects that mistake and shows they’ve learned their lesson by putting the stellar job of their fretless bass player and ‘star’, Dominic ‘Forest’ Lapointe upfront. With the illuminating and expressive basslines of Atheist’s Tony Choy or Cynic’s Sean Malone still fresh in any tech-death fan’s mind, Dominic’s jazzy approach and the way he interacts with the djent leanings of the guitars on the instrumental title track are a joy to behold. Yet it’s on the pure death metal side that Earthborn Evolution once again fails to fulfil its promises. Its pedestrian Cookie Monster vocals fall flat and its subtle and varied melodic leanings are often choked under a barrage of average, US death metal-like blasts. They’ve got the chops, now all they need are the songs.

Via Season Of Mist