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Bauda: Sporelights

Chilean band perfect their post-rock sound.

For the last decade Bauda have been carving their own niche within the world of progressive music.

Their first recording, 2006’s Del Mar Al Aire EP, was a marriage of dark ambient and folk, but they soon began experimenting with post-rock and post-metal. Third album Sporelights is produced by The Gathering’s René Rutten and sees them move away from those earlier folk influences and back towards the post-rock sounds of 2009’s* Oniirica*. Just as Rutten’s band are chameleons of sound, so Bauda aren’t afraid to experiment with different styles, or to use Chile’s diverse landscapes for inspiration. Tool-like soundscapes punctuate opener Aurora, and the spacious melodies of Vigil sweep and soar like Chilean mountains; each peak caressed by César Márquez’s smooth vocals. Imagine 65daysofstatic working to slower drums with hints of The Gathering’s elegant How To Measure A Planet, and you’re almost there. As the album concludes, Tectonic Cells shifts gear into angular post-punk guitars before cutting into the Editors-esque dream-prog of Asleep In Layers. Sporelights is not only crammed with just over 40 minutes of musical bliss, it’s also Bauda’s finest and most polished release so far.