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Battlecross: Rise To Power

Michigan marauders drag classic metal into the modern age

Four albums in five years suggests these Michigan heavyweights have been pretty darn busy.

2010’s Push Pull Destroy established Battlecross and their own take on battle metal – or blue collar thrash, as they style it.

They blend classic Bay Area thrash with a touch of Carcass-esque melodic death metal, and Annihilator’s knack for sculpting melodic touches out of the razor-sharp riffing. There’s also a massive blast of modern groove metal. Not Your Slave is all jagged riffs, raw-throated vocals and epic guitar leads, while Spoiled goes from classic NWOBHM through to ferocious thrash via triumphant fists-in-the-air solos. Battlecross’s strength lies in their ability to take catchy classic metal and old-school thrash and mix it with a modern metallic harshness without it sound forced or unwieldy. Old-school metalheads may not approve, but for a modern take on classic metal, Rise To Power delivers.