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Asking Alexandria's Like A House On Fire is the sound of a band stepping up and shaping up

Owning up and owning it on Asking Alexandria's sixth album Like A House On Fire

Asking Alexandria: Like A House On Fire
(Image: © Sumerian)

If this was Asking Alexandria’s second album – following their 2017 self-titled ‘debut’ – they’d be lauded for how their tough, hard-rock sound is shaping up. But it isn’t. 

This is their sixth album, and they spent the first three building up a solid metalcore fan base on both sides of the Atlantic. That began to crumble when singer Danny Worsnop tore his vocal chords (and/or got tired of screaming, depending on who you believe) and quit in early 2015. 

He returned the following year after the band’s ill-fated dalliance with a replacement, and the aforementioned self-titled album signalled the change.

Like A House On Fire completes the transition. The Violence and Antisocialist are big-sounding, anthemic rants with hooks, I Don’t Need You is a ballsy ballad and Worsnop’s ‘clean’ vocals are commanding. 

They even own up on Here’s To Starting Over. Whether it will be heard over the howls of “sell-out” from metalcore fans is another matter.