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Aosoth - V: The Inside Scriptures album review

Antaeus frontman makes a fierce declaration of independence

Said to be the “closing chapter” of a trilogy initiated back in 2011, this fifth full-length proves more than the sum of its parts. Aosoth have too often – and wrongly – been seen as a substitute for vocalist MkM’s main weapon, Antaeus, even though both the music and concept are quite different. While Antaeus are all about chaos and destruction, there’s an affecting spiritual longing here – as if Aosoth are desperately looking for answers they can’t find. Switching from brutal bludgeoning to near ambient parts, the kaleidoscope of complex atmospheres summoned by guitarist and main songwriter BsT – whose death metal background and recent work with VI taught him the art of nuance – and the few weirdly timed riffs à la Blut Aus Nord twist the knife in the wound even more. French black metal continues to impress.