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Anna Phoebe: Between The Shadow And The Soul

Evocative, atmospheric delicacy from the violinist.

Often portrayed as a violin vixen, Anna Phoebe, you might be forgiven for thinking, trades on her sexuality.

But this album shows that nothing could be further from the truth. Between The Shadow And The Soul is a beautiful exposition of musical excellence. Phoebe showcases not only her considerable creativity with the violin, but also gives her band full rein to add their own touches to enhance the music. The result is a whole album, not just a collection of impressive, individual songs. Each one works as a separate entity, but this is a musical journey best taken from start to finish. As soon as the Eastern hue of Shadow glides along, you’re hooked. And the music is so well paced and imaginatively affluent that nothing feels contrived or dragged out. Guitarist Nicolas Rizzi works well with Phoebe, complementing her more explosive moments with some subtle rhythms, while he also shows himself to be capable of a more expansive erudition. There are some breathtaking colours on Nines and Uncrowned, while the acoustic Embrace has an authentic warmth. This is an album that rewards you with each listen, offering real depth and a quality vibe.