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Angeline: Confessions

Melodic quartet finally release debut after 23 years.

No one could accuse Angeline of rushing into this debut album.

They had a mini-album out in 1990, but their soap-opera of a career peaked with Sigge Stardust, a film tribute to their late singer Jörgen ‘Sigge’ Sigvardsson.

On this album, vocals are by Jocke Nilsson whose impressive voice falls somewhere between Joe Elliott and Torstein Flakne of the Stage Dolls. Perhaps unsurprisingly for a band who took their name from a song by Paul Sabu, Confessions is an album grounded firmly in 1980s AOR.

But although slick and melodic, it’s free of keyboards and, Miracles aside, never wet or wimpish. In fact, as on the likes of Good Is Getting Better and Part Of Evolution, Angeline are mostly metal with harmonies.