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Andy Jackson: 73 Days At Sea

Floyd studio whizz steers his own ship.

As a Grammy-nominated engineer of Pink Floyd’s A Momentary Lapse Of Reason and The Division Bell, and David Gilmour’s go-to studio ears since, Andy Jackson knows what constitutes that languid, limpid sound.

Stately, sombre, stretching into mournfully expressive guitar solos, his latest album exudes it in waves. Which is appropriate, as it is themed around the sea, or rather what he describes as a “false sense of nostalgia” felt for the ocean.

The centrepiece of this grandiose voyage is the 17-minute Drownings, which drifts across time, funerals and warring lovers. Except for cameos by former Van Der Graaf Generator sax player David Jackson (no relation) and Panic Room singer Anne-Marie Helder, Andy Jackson tackles everything himself, and squeezes out the slow burn from this velvety cream soup.