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Alter Bridge's Walk The Sky 2.0 EP finds them at their most vibrant

Myles Kennedy and co. prove their worth on stage on Alter Bridge's Walk The Sky 2.0

Alter Bridge: Walk The Sky 2.0
(Image: © Napalm Records)

This mostly-live EP was recorded pre-COVID at the start of 2020 on Alter Bridge's Walk The Sky tour. Six of the tracks come from that album, and sound a lot better when performed on stage. 

Myles Kennedy is in fine voice, while Mark Tremonti displays his killer touch on guitar. Wouldn’t You Rather has a distinct edge, while Native Sons is a vibrant anthem and Godspeed sparkles with lively agitation.

The one exception to the live environment is new studio track Last Rites. This was done during lockdown and has a brooding heaviness. It’s certainly one of the best songs Alter Bridge have done in recent times, and if this is a taster for what’s to come, then they will definitely prove wrong all those who see the Bridge as bland and faceless. 

This is belligerent.