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Agrimonia: Rites Of Separation

A turbulent melting pot that takes you to the edge

Agrimonia are a manifestation of Sweden’s desegregated extreme music scene, featuring members of Miasmal, Martyrdöd, Atomvinter and even At The Gates, not to mention potent vocalist Christina. The result is a seamless blend of doom-death, even gothic metal and Swedish death, with dashes of thrash, BM and crustpunk thrown in for good measure.

Moving smoothly from one extreme to the other, Rites… draws upon the spirit of old Paradise Lost, as well as more obscure doom inspirations and touches of old Sentenced and Type O with its use of melancholic hooks and synths, before kicking in with the sort of visceral aggression that characterised the members’ previous bands.

With most songs totalling over 10 minutes there’s room to fit it all in, and the result is an immersive and moving voyage.