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77: Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us

An album of barnstorming boogie from Barcelona.

Spanish band 77’s fourth album is a hoot: riff-rock with the amps up high and the accent on fun. They might be named after The Year That Punk Broke but they have more in common with the bands that punk did its best to oust, those no-frills purveyors of good-time rock’n’roll.

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us is a virtual homage to – verging on pastiche of – the stuff the cool kids generally ignore. It’s Alright features the staccato riffing, blistering fretboard runs and near-screeched vocals of AC/DC.

Each track sounds like a famous anthem slightly reconfigured to disguise its provenance: Tonight does Kiss, the title track has Thin Lizzy’s swagger, GMDF is Rainbow (with an intro cribbed from Boston), and so on. Now That’s What I Call 70s Hard Rock!