You may as well abandon your guitar lessons now: this wild acoustic cover of System Of A Down's Toxicity will leave you dumbstruck

Ichika Nito and Serj Tankian
(Image credit: Ichika Nito, Gary Wolstenholme/Redferns)

We've all been there, strumming away to a YouTube guitar tutorial, wondering why our fingers just aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing. But, with persistent practice, we manage to nail that riff and feel chuffed that we're not a total nincompoop when it comes to axe-slinging. 

It's truly baffling, then, when we then discover musicians like Ichika Nito, a man appeas  to come from a whole different planet when it comes to his guitar-playing. Not only does Nito nail the riffs he chooses to cover, but he makes them his own, adding in some mind-bogglingly tasty licks that have us wanting to hurl our instruments out the nearest window.  

An example of his otherworldly skills can be seen in his compact cover of System Of A Down's 2001 rager Toxicity, titled When System Of A Down only give you 40 seconds to audition. We say compact, because it's under a minute long, and also because he somehow still seems to fit in more notes than the original. 

As he dances around the song's main riff, Nito injects a helping serving of intricate and ever-so-noodly licks that are totally mesmerising to watch. 

In his other videos, Nito showcases more of his talent via playful videos such as When Metallica only gives you 60 seconds to audition (played on a 14 string guitar - yes, 14 strings!) and When you need to impress a girl but you only have a guitar and 20 seconds, amongst others.

If you hadn't already guessed by now, his videos are all technically dazzling, and full to the brim with moments that show off his serious shredding skillage.

Check out his Toxicity cover below:

Liz Scarlett

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