Wylde runs BLS like Page ran Zep


Zakk Wylde says his hands-on approach to running Black Label Society was inspired by Jimmy Page's work ethic.

And the Black Label Society mainman believes anyone who needs pointers on running a band need look no further than the Led Zeppelin maestro.

Wylde, who hit the main stage at Download yesterday, tells TeamRock Radio: “You wanna play music for the rest of your life, right? Well, make the band your job, because that’s the coolest job you can possibly ever have.

“It’s like Zeppelin with Jimmy Page – he said, ‘Led Zeppelin is my whole life.’ It’s all-consuming. Even today he’s coming out with the re-issues. All his time is invested in what he loves.”

Wylde is committed to remaining “involved with everything” when it comes to BLS, and compares himself to a football boss by way of illustration. “If I own Manchester United, I’m involved with not just the trades we’re making and the players,” he says. “I’m involved with the way the field looks, the way the stadium is, the way concessions are – everything.

“I enjoy it. The minute I wake up, before my feet hit the floor, I’ve got my Black Label grocery list of things to do. I love it.”

BLS launched ninth album Catacombs Of The Black Vatican earlier this year. It’s their first release without guitarist Nick Catanese.

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