Wille And The Bandits find migrants in van


Blues rock trio Wille And The Bandits found themselves embroiled in the Calais migrant crisis when they found two men hiding in their van – with one having climbed inside a guitar case.

Social and politican tension is at a height in the French coastal town, as thousands of people flee violent unrest in other parts of the world, with many hoping to cross the English Channel and enter the UK.

Some politicians have described the unhomed individuals as illegal immigrants, while others say they’re legitimate refugees.

Wille And The Bandits were returning to the UK from a European tour when they made the discovery at a petrol station.

Mainman Wille Edwards said via Facebook: “Just pulled two guys out the van just outside Calais. Filling up, we noticed the van move, and found one guy just sitting there and the other in my guitar case.”

He added: “Feel really sorry for them, to be honest. They looked so desperate and only want a better life. Makes you realise how lucky we are sometimes, and that we shouldn’t take it for granted.”

The band, who launched third album Grow in 2013, continue touring in the UK and Europe until the end of November.