Whitesnake's David Coverdale once made The Darkness' Justin Hawkins vomit in his own mouth after flirting with his mum

Justin Hawkins and David Coverdale
(Image credit: Justin Hawkins Rides Again)

The Darkness' Justin Hawkins has recalled the time Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale flirted with his mother when the two bands toured together.

In the latest episode of his Justin Hawkins Rides Again vlog, titled Was It Really That Bad?!, Hawkins analyses whether he believes Coverdale's vocals to still be technically proficient at the age of 70, following news of a particularly bad performance during the glam metal icon's current farewell tour.

In the video, The Darkness vocalist reflects on a personal moment he once shared with Coverdale, although he initially seems to be in two minds over whether he should share the story.

Watching a video of Coverdale performing, Hawkins notes how "magnificent" Whitesnake's frontman looks, and adds “I actually have experienced something that…” before letting out a hesitant sigh.

“I’ve watched David Coverdale flirting with my own mother. And vice versa. It was not comfortable – but it was David Coverdale. What are you gonna do?"

Recalling the moment, Hawkins says, “My mother was walking along the corridor; David Coverdale was walking in the other direction. And as they passed one another, awkwardly trying to jostle for who goes [first], he was trying to be a gentleman and my mum just went, ‘Well, make way for royalty!’ And he went, ‘Me or you?’

“Just watching this exchange was… it made me vomit in my mouth – in a really good way, you know,” Hawkins said. “Because it’s David Coverdale and my mum. While my dad looked on, helpless. I’m sure that’s happened to a lot of people over the years.”

Addressing the criticism surrounding Coverdale's vocals, Hawkins argued,  “I don’t know how people can complain… If you’re actually standing in the crowd, and singing along with him – which what you’re supposed to be doing when you’re celebrating a career like that during the farewell tour – you’re not going to be able to hear what he’s doing.”

Watch the full episode below:

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