Wednesday 13 takes on the Universe

Wednesday 13 has released details of sixth solo album titled Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out & Plague.

The follow-up to 2013’s The Dixie Dead is set to be released on January 13 and will be available on both double vinyl and CD. Both feature different artwork and it’s the first concept album for the veteran frontman.

It follows the release of the track Trick Or Treat… We’re Going To Kill You which launched last week to tie in with Halloween.

13 said of the standalone track: “Since we’re not performing anywhere this year, we decided we’d give you a brand-new Halloween song instead. It’s here as a Horror-day exclusive.”

Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out & Plague tracklist

  1. The Fall Of All 2. Keep Watching The Skies 3. Astro Pyscho-Galactic Blood Drive 4. Come Out And Plague 5. I Aint Got Time To Bleed 6. Bloodline 666 7. Serpent Society 8. Bombs, Guns And Gods – This Is A War 9. Planet Eater – Interstellar 187 10. I Love Watching You Die 11. Into The Crop Circle 12. Over Your Dead Body 13. The Arrival 14. Monsters Of The Universe