Way's solo work borrows from Britpop heroes


Gerard Way says his upcoming debut solo album is heavily influenced by Britpop bands like Supergrass and Elastica.

The former My Chemical Romance frontman is due to release his as-yet-untitled record later this year. And he says bands like Blur and Pulp – as well as post-punk British bands such as Wire and Gang Of Four – were big influences on the sound.

He tells the NME: “The sound of it is rooted in a lot in shoegaze, also Britpop. The whole thing largely feels like a British album. I was going for a lot of things that were completely new to me. Even the way we attacked the vocals and tried to make them sound was very different from ways that I had ever been recorded.

“I was able to bring out my Britpop influences tremendously this time, that was truly amazing for me. I was really able to draw out the stuff I loved about Supergrass, the stuff I loved about Blur and the stuff I loved about Pulp, especially This Is Hardcore. The stuff I loved about Lush, Elastica – it’s all in there. Even older stuff like Wire and Gang Of Four. That stuff’s all in there.”

There is no official release date for the album as yet, although the autumn has been mooted. Last month, he released the track Action Cat.