Watch this 5-year-old play every instrument on a cover of Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Miles Bonham
(Image credit: Miles Music Kid)

At five years old, mastering how to sing a nursery rhyme or producing a finger-painting that gets to hold pride of place on the fridge is a creditable achievement. For YouTuber Miles Music Kid (aka Miles Bonham) though, such activities are child's play, and he has already graduated to mastering not one, but multiple musical instruments. Not only that, but the kid is also scarily proficient in arranging and editing his own musical creations using software such as Apple's Logic Pro. 

Showcasing his precocious talent, Bonham has put together a cover of Green Day's 2004 anthem Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, which sees him playing every instrument himself, including the guitar, bass, keys, vocals and harmonies. He additionally multi-tracked, arranged and edited the cover in a professional DAW (digital audio workspace) using Apple's Logic Pro. Yeah, he's pretty unbelievable. 

Requiring little to no help other than a few helpful tips from his father and a final mix and master courtesy of Matthew Thompson, Bonham is clearly already an expert, and has even filmed the creative process of the project in a separate video. The footage shows the boy displaying his natural talent and pitch-perfect hearing. At one point, when analysing his creation, he even declares "Oh, boy. We need to EQ it, because in the original [there is] lower bass, higher mids and a lot of treble."

The performance video shows Bonham strolling down a street while playing the guitar and singing the American Idiot-era single, as well as playing the drums, providing angelic vocals and more. It's mind-blowing stuff, and a sure way to feel like you may have wasted your own childhood. Presumably we could all be musical wizards like Bonham by now, had we not spent our pre-school days snacking on crayons. 

Bonham isn't the only child prodigy out there right now though, there's the amazing drum extraordinaire Nandi Bushell, and of course Caleb Hayes, who recently performed a lethal drum cover of Slipknot's Sulfur on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Clearly, it looks like the future of rock/metal is in good hands.

Check out Miles Bonham doing what he does best below:

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