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Watch Rob Halford star in a set of bizarre insurance commercials

Rob Halford in Plymouth Rock Assurance ad
(Image credit: Plymouth Rock Assurance)

From the Metal God to the Godfather of Heavy Metal, Rob Halford, the leather-clad leader of Judas Priest, is known by many names. Most recently, he was dubbed The Rocker, as part of a new campaign for insurance company Plymouth Rock Assurance. Very clever.

Within each ad, customers rejoice in how much money they have saved with Plymouth Rock Assurance, and are joined in celebration by Rob Halford, who serenades them with a song written exclusively for each commercial. As Halford belts out his distinctive high-pitched wail while garbed in a full-length glittering black jacket, each client enthusiastically dad-dances along from inside their kitchens and dining rooms. Disco lights and lasers also make an appearance, before ending on the slogan "and you'll be Plymouth Rocked!".

Really, they all make for a bit of a cringe-fest – don't even get us started on the dance moves of the first lady – but it's certainly funny watching Rob Halford in all of his spectacular heavy metal glory appearing in the homes of ordinary people like some shimmering ghoulish phantom. 

Speaking of his role within the campaign, Halford remarked "It feels good to be the first heavy metal pilgrim to partner with Plymouth Rock. I had a (laser) blast on this project."

This isn't the first time an iconic rock/metal artist has been adopted into the world of marketing, either. In 2016, Motorhead's Lemmy was cast in an Finnish milk ad, which was remodelled after his death as a heartfelt tribute.

Watch Plymouth Rock Assurance ads starring Rob Halford below:

Liz Scarlett
Liz Scarlett

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