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Classic Rock — in case you haven't heard — is 200 issues old. In that time, all the great and good have appeared on the cover, from legends like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath to up-and-comers such as Rival Sons, Black Stone Cherry and Alter Bridge.

We’ve turned Iron Maiden’s Eddie masscot into a banknote and given him an Obama-style campaign poster makeover. We’ve put Lemmy in a tux, Sharon Osborne in a dressing gown, and Nikki Sixx in his birthday suit. We’ve draped a previously unseen picture of Jimi Hendrix across the cover. We’ve recreated the sleeve of Physical Graffiti, complete with die-cut windows. We’ve done a lot.

Below, we’ve selected 20 of our favourites. Issue one is there, and issue 200, and 18 we’ve picked from the 16 intervening years.

We’d like you to pick your favourite.

So take a look at the covers, then select your favourite from the list that follows. And if you want to examine the images in more forensic detail, there’s a gallery at the foot of the page. Expand it to full-screen and Hey! Presto! Bob Catley’s yer uncle.

If you’d like to examine the covers in more detail, use the gallery below — expand to full-screen to reveal the twenty selections in all their pixelly magnificence.

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