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Vodun stream new track Ascend


Vodun are premiering their new song Ascend exclusively with Metal Hammer.

Ascend is the title track of the band's upcoming second album, due to be released September 7 via New Heavy Sounds.

"We first premiered the track over two years ago at a friend's birthday party at the Underworld – it's been a lot of work in progress since," Vodun's drummer Zel tells Metal Hammer. 

"Linz and I were listening to lots of Jungle By Night and Fela to apply more interesting rhythms to the music – the whole album is a lot 'hip-swaying' as well as head-banging this time around – but it still wasn't feeling quite right until we added the extended breakdown in the middle which came quite a while later. It's a rhythmic call and response between all of us, then vocal harmonies which have been layered – it's definitely more experimental than the first album."

Vodun – Ascend album cover

"This is also a song that features our friend Ollie on sax and the firecracker Anselmo from Ibibio Sound Machine on percussion, so it definitely ramps up our afrobeat, feel-good influences across the board," Zel continues.

"We decided to call the album Ascend because although we tackle a lot of dark political stuff in the lyrical content, it's still a wholly a positive, uplifting album, and this song in particular is about following your own individual path, your own rituals, and using inner spirituality to be the best version of yourself. When we understand ourselves better, we also understand others, and our place within the community." 

Ascend is out September 7 via New Heavy Sounds and is available to order now from iTunes (opens in new tab).