“We’ve made enough albums the conventional way, and the kids don’t care about that”: Experimental vanguards Ulver to release new album one single at a time

Ulver live in 2011
(Image credit: Gary Wolstenholme/Redferns)

Norwegian avant-garde group Ulver have announced that they’re releasing their new studio album one song at a time.

The band, led since their 1993 founding by vocalist Kristoffer Rygg, put out two new tracks last week, Forgive Us and Nocturne #1.

The songs follow two other recent singles: A City In The Skies (2024) and Ghost Entry (2023).

Ulver have now confirmed that the string of singles will be replacing the traditional album rollout process, and that they intend to release their 14th LP piece-by-piece.

“This time we’re gonna keep dropping tracks till it becomes an album,” the outfit commented when Forgive Us and Nocturne #1 came out.

“It’s a backwards way, with no pre-order, promo people or anything, but that’s how we wanna roll. Quite liberating in these twilight years.

“We’ve made enough albums the conventional way, and the kids don’t care about that anyway. So feel free to spread it on the Tik Tok or what have you.

“Ultimately, you keep this old boat afloat through your conscious/subconscious acts of listening and whispering our name. Ulver xx”

Ulver have long been a forward-thinking force in the heavy music scene.

The band started as a folk/black metal project but switched to experimental industrial music with their 1998 album, Themes From William Blake’s The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell.

Since then, they’ve dabbled in post-rock, jazz, ambient, electronica, art rock and more, before settling into a progressive synthpop space on 2017’s The Assassination Of Julius Caesar.

Ulver’s latest album, 2021’s Scary Muzak, was a collection of synthpop works inspired by or directly covering the scores of musician/filmmaker John Carpenter.

The band currently don’t have any live dates announced, but have previously performed at the Netherlands’ Roadburn festival and at the legendary Grieg Hall in their native Norway.

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