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Tremonti living his metal dream with solo work

Mark Tremonti says his solo work’s metal edge is something he always wanted to get out of his system.

Known for his time with post grunge outfit Creed and later for his work with Alter Bridge, he never got to express his love of speed metal until he launched his solo band’s debut album All I Was in 2012.

As he prepares to issue his second solo effort Cauterize, the guitarist tells Loudwire: “It’s something I’ve always wanted to get out of me. That’s what I grew up with, was speed metal. It’s just that I got paired with the guys I did in Creed that people didn’t really see that.”

“It’s mostly influenced by a mix of being in the back of mum’s car and listening to 70s soft rock and then growing up and being a Slayer fan and Celtic Frost fan. I love black metal, speed metal, the San Frasisco Bay Area thrash movement. You mix that with 70’s soft rock so you’ve got the melody combined with the thrash, the speed metal a bit of punk here and there – that’s what I love.”

Cauterize will be released on June 9.