Tracks Of The Week: 25/8/14 - 31/8/14


Summer's pretty much over and we're getting ready for the slew of big-name albums left to come in 2014, but what has been tickling our eardrums this week?

Yob - In Our Blood

Amit Sharma: “Ridiculous levels of low-end that will give you the shits for days.”

Wilson - If You Ever Leave Me I Will Find You

**Lewis Somerscales: **“Still stuck in my stereo and still making me want to flip a table, drink your beer and steal your girlfriend.”

Converge - Wolverine Blues

Sam Bailey: “Converge’s cover of this Entombed song makes me want to crowd kill.”

Devilment - Mother Kali

**Alexander Milas: **“Dani’s got a brand new bag.”

Zomboy - Nuclear

**Merlin Alderslade: **“What? I’ve been listening to a lot of dubstep this week.”

Abysmal Dawn - Inanimate

Dom Lawson: “One of the finest modern death metal bands return on blistering form. The riffs. THE FUCKING RIIIIIIIIIFFS.”

The One Hundred - Kingsmen

Luke Morton: “The loud and lairy sound of punk with being twatted with a synth.”