Towers Of London Are Back, and they mean business

Controversial five-piece Towers Of London have unveiled the video to their new single. Shake It is the follow-up to 2009’s Go Sister, Go.

“2009 was the last time Towers were on tour,” says Tommy Brunette. “Donny, Dirk & myself had just bankrupted our second record company and were eating and spitting out new band members on a weekly basis. We never really split up just couldn’t find any more reasons to keep going at that moment. It took four years and a load of shitty jobs to realise that being in the Towers was what the three of us did best.

“We got our old rehearsal room back and started hanging out writing again. The tunes started flowing and the hair started growing. Before we knew it the beast was back. We drafted in a couple young dudes on drums & guitar to bring the average age down and began to rehearse like dogs, like an unsigned band. The hunger is back in us, and I think that comes through in our new single Shake It. It’s a cool, quite rude riff backed up with a classic Donny Tourette vocal. Early next year we’re gonna be back on the road in the UK strutting out a few of the old classics while testing out the new ones. The litmus test of the mosh pit is always a good way to gauge new tunes. I expect to see nothing less than a zombie punk rock apocalypse in every town we visit. The new songs are gonna have that effect people, they’re bombastic!“

Shake It is released on 30 October through GB Sound. A UK tour will be announced soon, with a second single and album set for release in 2016.

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