Tom Morello's rage at cafe staff


Tom Morello is embroiled in a war of words with a Seattle restaurant after he was refused entry.

The Rage Against The Machine guitarist went to The 5 Point Cafe in the city with a group of friends after his performance at a fair pay benefit concert on Friday night.

Morello had appeared alongside Chris Cornell at the 15 Now event earlier in the day, which successfully fought for a $15 minimum wage in Seattle. But when he was told there were no tables available at the restaurant, Morello said via Twitter: “Five Point restaurant in Seattle is the worst. Super rude & anti-worker. Shittiest doorman in the Northwest. Prick. Spread the word.”

The cafe’s owner David Meinert later responded on Facebook, saying: “For the record, Tom Morello, The 5 Point is totally pro worker. Sorry if you had an issue with our staff, but typically our staff is awesome, and when they are not, it’s usually a reflection of the customer. Act like a prick = get treated like a prick.

“Rock stars don’t get special treatment at The 5 Point. We couldn’t give less of a shit.”

Meinert later added: “Turns out Tom and his crew didn’t get let in as the place was at capacity and there was a line. No one was being let in. According to our doorman, who I totally trust, Tom and his crew were all totally rude.”

Morello then said he would forgive the doorman if Meinert “fully embraces #15Now min wage.”

The guitar icon, who also plays live with Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, has been a long-time campaigner for workers’ rights. He co-founded political group Axis Of Justice with System Of A Down’s Serj Tankian.

This year, RATM drummer Brad Wilk said the band had probably played their last gig together.