This Lars Ulrich toilet is a dead-eyed horror from the abyss (via Florida)

Lars Ulrich of Metallica
(Image credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Metallica might not be on the same level as say, Kiss when it comes to sticking their name on any old tat in the name of merchandising, but it's fair to say the band have been... creative over the years with lending their likeness and brand to products. But we reckon even they'd balk at the infernal horror that is the Lars Ulrich toilet. 

Created by Prince Midnight – the Florida man who previously claimed to have made a guitar from the skeleton of his dead uncle – the toilet is part of the artist's Hellmouth Plumbing Supply brand and will ultimately be set up at Floridian venue The Brass Mug on December 3rd where it promises to be "the ultimate fan experience toilet" during a Prince Midnight show. 

Metallica have spent recent months celebrating their extensive legacy, commemorating both the 30th anniversary of their landmark 1991 self-titled album (The Black Album to you or me) and building towards their 40th birthday shows in San Francisco. But even they might find the idea of going for number ones or twos whilst staring into the dead eyes of a porcelain replica of their Danish drummer A Bit Much (we can only presume that the toilet operates on Weeping Angel logic where eye contact must be maintained at all times). 

Even so, its an undeniably impressive feat from Midnight, whose artistic pursuits stretch from music and t-shirts to toilet covers, posters and a 10-foot puppet, like a Floridian cottage industry Iron Maiden. Quite what else he has planned for his show on December 3 we can have no idea, but you can be pretty sure it's going to be spectacularly odd. 

And naturally, opinion on the toilet is split. While some people are horrified, others are eager to try and grab their own 'tallica toilet. 

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