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This is what Killswitch Engage’s The End Of Heartache would sound like as a synthwave banger

Is synthwave still a thing? It‘s hard to keep up. Last time we checked, people were still wearing futuristic sunglasses and dancing to music that sounded like the chase scene from Tron. But enough about our weekend.

Luxuriantly-tressed YouTuber Anthony Vincent certainly still thinks it's a thing. The Artist Formerly Known As Ten Second Song Guy has has hit on the genius idea of turning Killswitch Engage’s metalcore classic The End Of Heartache into a synthwave song.

The result is properly great, stripping out the original’s chest-beating angst and turning what people who are way cooler than we’ll ever be call a “sad banger”. And as for that period-piece ZX Spectrum-level CGI… well, it couldn’t be more 1986 if it pulled up on a Sinclair C5 with Max Headroom* riding shotgun.

Our man’s nothing if not versatile. A few days ago he turned in a spiffing nu metal-style cover of Dr Dre’s Forgot About Dre. What’s he going to do next? We are literally perched somewhere in the vicinity of the edge of our seats wondering what he’s going to do next.

*Ask your grandparents